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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
contentswhat is contained in something
continualkeeping on; frequent
continueto go on doing something, or to begin doing something again
continuouskeeping on without stopping
contractto become smaller. The same word also means an agreement
contradictto disagree entirely; to say that something someone has said is not true
contradictionopposition, denial, inconsistency
controlto guide or check something, such as a vehicle or a machine. The same word also means to be in command of other people
conveniencecomfort, ease, advantage
convenienteasy to use or reach
conventa building for nuns to live in
conventiongeneral consent, union, formal assembly
conversationtalk between tow or more people
convictsomeone who has been sent to prison
convictionfirm belief, state of being sure
convinceto persuade someone that you are right
cookto heat food and make it ready for eating
cookera tove on which food is cooked
cookerythe art or practice of cooking
coolnot quite cold
coppera reddish-brown metal. The same word also means a copper-coloured coin
copyto make or do something exactly the same as something else
corala hard, stony pink or white materiel made from millions or piled-up skeletons of tiny sea animals, sometimes used to make jewellery
corduroycotton clothe with ridges in it
corethe middle part of something, like th epart where the seeds are in an apple or pear
corgia small dog with short legs
corka topper put in the top of a bottle to keep the liquid from spilling out
cornthe seeds of grain plants, like wheat, barley and oats. The same word also means a hard lump of skin on your toe, that hurts when you shoe is too tight
cornerwhere two walls or roads meet
corneta musical instrument like a trumpet. The same word also means an ice cream in a kind of biscuit shaped like a cone
cornflakesa breakfast cereal eaten cold with milk and sugar
cornflowera bright blue summer flower
coronationthe crowning of a king or queen
corporalpertaining to body, meterial
corporationa group of people who run the business of a town
correctright; true; with no mistakes
corridora long narrow passage with rooms leading off it
cosmonautsomeone who travels in space
costwhat you have to pay for something
costlyexpensive; not cheap
costumestyle of clothing worn at different times in history. The same word also means clothes worn by actors on the stage
cosycomfortable; snug and warm
cota bed for a small child
cottagea small house in the country
cottonthread or cloth made from the cotton plant
cottonwoolthe fluffy part of the cotton plant
coucha long soft seat where more than one person can sit
coughthe loud noise you make when you choke or when you have a sore throat or bronchitis
councila group of people who meet to talk and decide about problems to do with controlling a town or city
counselconsultation, advice, plan

Learning Competency

Non-defining relative clause
Non-defining relative clauses are placed after nouns which are definite already.
The adjective clause which does not define the noun before it but gives additional information about the noun is called the non-defining relative clause.