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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
chocolatea sweet brown food or drink made from cocoa
choir(say kwire) a group of people trained to sing together
choketo find it hard to breathe because there is something in our throat or because there is smoke in your lungs
choleraan infectious disease broken out by vomiting and germs in the air
chooseto take one thing rather than another
chopto cut something with hard blows. The same word also means a small piece of meat on a bone
choppersomething you use to chop with, like an axe
chopstickstwo thin pieces of wood or ivory used for eating food by people living in some far-eastern countries
chorusthe part of a song that comes after each verse, when everyone joins in the singing. The same word means the people on a stage who dance and sing together
christento give a baby its first or Christian name, usually in a church
Christiana follower of Jesus Christ
Christmasthe birthday of Jesus Christ
chromea silvery-looking metal
chroniclea historical account of events in order of time
chrysanthemuman autumn flower with lots of brightly coloured curving petals
chuckto throw
chuckleto laugh quietly
chuma close friend
chunka short thick piece
churchbuilding where people go to worship God
churna machine for making butter: a milk can
cigartobacco leaves rolled tightly together, for smoking
cigarettefinely cut pieces of tobacco rolled in thin paper, for smoking
cinderscoal or wood that has been burned but not burned away to ashes
cinemaa building where films are shown
circlea completely round ring
circularround, a paper addressed
circulateto move around and come back to the beginning. The blood in our veins circulates through every part of our bodies
circusa travelling show with acrobats and animals and clown who do all sorts of tricks
citya very large town
civilto do with people or the government, like the civil service, but not the armed forces. The same word means polite
civiliana civil officer, non military person
claimto demand something because you believe you should have it
clanga loud deep echoing noise, usually made by big bells
clanka deep ringing sound such as the noise made by rattling heavy chains
clapto slap the palms of your hands together
clasha loud noise when things are banged together
claspto hold tightly. The same word also means a fastening for a brooch or other jewellery
classifyto distribute in to classes
classrooma room in school where children learn things
clattera rattling noise, as when you are washing up crockery and cutlery
clausea part of sentence containing a verb, a distinct part of a contract
clawone of the sharp curved nails on the foot of an animal or bird
claysoft sticky earth that can be baked to make bricks or crockery
cleanwithout dirt or dust
cleanersomeone or somehting that cleans things
cleanseto make clean
clearbright, or with noting in the way, so that you can see things easily
cleftfissure, a crevice
clenchto close your teeth or fists tightly together

Learning Competency

The verb shows time by changing its form. These forms are called tenses.