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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
complaintexpression of grief, accusation, charge
completewhole, with nothing missing
complexof various parts, complicated, intricate
complicatednot easy or simple, difficult to understand
complimentsomething nice said about someone to please him
compositionthings put together to make a whole thing. A number of notes make a musical composition, and words written down make a written composition
comprehendto understand, grasp mentally
comprehensionthe ability to understand
compressto press together
concealto hide; to keep secret
conceitedthinking too highly of yourself
concentrateto bring together in one place: to think hard about one thing
concernto do with; to interest or trouble yourself with
concerta musical entertainment
conclavea private apartment, a close assembly
concludeto end or finish something
concretea mixture of cement, gravel and water that dries as hard as stone
concurto unite, agree, assent
condenseto make something smaller or shorter by taking part of it away. Condensed milk has some of the liquid taken out of it to make it thicker and smaller in quantity
conditionhow something or someone is
condoleto grieve with another, sympathize
condolenceexpression of sympathy, grief
conductto guide; to lead; to be in charge. The same word also means behavior
conductorsomeone who collects bus or train tickets. The same word also means a man who stands in front of orchestra and beats time
conesomething round at the bottom and pointed at the top, like an icecream cone or a clown’s hat. The same word also means the fruits of pine or fir trees, which are cone shaped
confessto say that you have done wrong; to won up to something
confettitiny bits of coloured paper thrown at a wedding for good luck
confuseto mix up; to mistake one thing for another
confusiondisorder, embarrassment, tumult
congratulateto tell a person you are glad about something good that has happened to him
congregationpeople gathered together in a church
conjurorsomeone who can do magic tricks
connectto join or fasten together
conquerto win; to overcome
consciousknowing what is going on; able to hear and understand what is happening around you
consensusagreement, unanimity
consentto agree
conservatorya heated greenhouse where plants can be grown
considerto think carefully about something
considerablerather large; much
consideratekind to others; thoughtful about how other people feel
consonantsthe sounds of a language other than vowels. They are written by all the letters of the alphabet except a e i o u
constablea policeman
constrainto compel, force, imprison
constructto build or make
containto hold something inside. A bottle contains milk
containersomething that holds things inside, such as a box or bottle
contentsatisfaction, contentment
contentedhappy; pleased with what you have

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