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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
captaincythe rank or post of a captain
captivateto fascinate, attract, charm
captivesomeone who has been captured and held prisoner
captureto catch someone and hold him by force
cara motor for driving from place to place
caramela kind of sweet, like toffee, made with sugar and butter cooked together until the mixture is sticky and brown
caravana small house on wheels, pulled by a car or a horse. The same word also means a group of people traveling together for safety, especially in the desert
carburettorpart of a car engine that mixes air and petrol
carcassa dead body, anything decayed
cardstiff paper. Sometimes it is cut into pieces with pictures and greetings for special days like birthdays and Christmas. Cards are also used in playing games
cardboardvery thick stiff paper
cardiagana knitted woollen jacket
carea worry or trouble. The same word also means to look after someone who needs help
careera race, prospect, course of life
carefulgiving special attention to what you are doing
carelessnot taking trouble of thinking about what you are doing
caretakera person who looks after a building or part of a building
cargoa ship’s load
carnagebutchery, massacre, great slaughter in war
carnationa pink, red, yellow or white flower with a spicy smell
carola song of joy or praise, most often heard at Christmas time
carpentera man who makes things out or wood
carpeta thick soft woven covering for the floor
carriagea vehicle for carrying passengers from place to place. The same word also means part of a railway train
carriondead and rotten, loathsome
carrota long pointed orange vegetable that grows under the ground
carryto take something from one place to another
carry-cota bed with handles, used to carry a small baby about
cartoona short funny film or drawing in a newspaper
cartridgea case for holding the gunpowder and bullet to be shot from a gun
carveto shape a piece of wood or to cut patterns on it with a knife. The same word also means to cut meat into slices
caryan open wagon with only two wheels
cascadea waterfall
casea kind of box to keep or carry things in
cashcoins and banknotes
cashiersomeone who looks after the money in a bank, a shop or an office
casinoa public dancing, singing or gaming saloon
casketa small chest for jewels
castto throw something with force. The same word also means to shape something by pouring hot metal or liquid plaster into a mould
castea class of society among the Hindus
castlean old building with thick stone walls to resist enemy attacks
castwaya person who has been shipwrecked
cata furry animal, usually kept as a pet
cataloguea list of things in a special order, like a list of books in a library
catapulta Y-shaped stick with elastic attached, used for shooting stones
catchto get hold of something
caterto provide food or amusement
caterpillara grub that turns into a moth or butterfly
cathedrala very large and important church
catholicuniversal, liberal, broad minded, tolerant

Learning Competency

Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)