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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
chariotan open tow-wheeled carriage drawn by horse. In olden days chariots were used in wars and in races
charitya feeling of kindness and affection towards other people: a gift of money, food or shelter to people in need
charmto make others think you are nice and pleasant to know. The same word also means something that has magic powers or can bring good luck
charta map, usually of the sea
chaseto run after
chassis(say shassee) the framework which forms the base of a car
chastitypurity of the body, mind, language, style
chatto talk with someone in a friendly way
chatterto talk a lot about things that are not important
chatterboxsomeone who is always talking
chattyvery talkative
chauffeur(say shofer) a man who is paid to drive someone else’s car
cheapnot costing much money
cheatto do something that is not honest or right, like copying someone else’s answers during a test
checkto go back over something to make sure it is correct. The same word also means a pattern with squares in it.
cheekthe soft side of your face below your eyes and either side of your nose
cheekysaucy; a bit rude
cheerto shout at someone to do his best or to show you are pleased. The same word also means joy, happiness
cheerfulhappy; joyful
cheesea food made frommilk
chefa head cook
chemista man who makes up medicines and sells them, as well as things like toothpaste and soap
chemistrythe study of what things are made of
cheque(say check) a special piece of paper you write on to ask your bank to pay some of your money to someone
cherishto encourage, hold as dear, nurse foster
cherrya sweet rounded red or yellow fruit with a stone in it
chessa game for tow people, using pieces called chessmen on a board marked with black and white squares
chesta large stone box with a lid. The same word also means the front part of your body between your neck and your waist
chestnuta nut. One kind is good to eat when it is roasted, and the other kind is a conker
chewto crush or grind with your teeth
chewing guma sweet that you keep chewing but do not swallow
chicka baby bird
chickena young hen or cock
chicken-poxan illness. You have a high temperature and lots of spots all over you
chiefa leader or ruler. We also use the word to mean that something is the most important, like the chief city in a country
chilblaina painful itchy swelling on your hands or feet in cold weather
childa boy or girl who is older than a baby, but who is not yet grown up
childrenboys and girls
chillyfeeling cold
chimea musical sound made by a set of bells, usually in a clock
chimneyan opening from the fireplace t the roof to let the smoke out
chimpanzeea very clever ape, smaller than a gorilla
chinthe part of your face under your mouth
chinacups and plates made from a kind of clay
chinka narrow crack or slit. The same word also means a clinking sound, as when you rattle coins together
chipto knock a small piece of something like a cup or vase. The same word also means a small piece of fried potato
chipmunka small wild animal, like a squirrel with stripes
chirpa short shrill sound made by some birds and insects
chisela tool with a cutting edge at the end, used for cutting stone or wood
chita note, a shoot or sprout, an order or pass

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Examples of Blending
1.Manimal (man + animal)
2.Hi-tech (high + technology)
3.Brunch (breakfast + lunch)