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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
croaka deep, hoarse noise, like the sound a frog makes
crocodilea dangerous scaly reptile which lives in or near water in hot countries
crocusa small garden plant, with bright purple, yellow or white flowers
crooka long hooked stick or staff carried by shepherds. The same word also means someone who is not honest
crookednot straight
cropgrain, fruit or vegetables grown on the land for food. The same word also means a short whip used in hunting
crossanything shaped like x or +. The same word also means rather angry
crowa large black bird, with a harsh croaking voice. The same word also means the sound a cock makes
crowda lot of people all together in one place
crownthe gold head dress worn by a king or queen
cruelvery unkind
cruisea sea voyage for pleasure
crumba very small piece of bread, cake or biscuit
crumbleto break into little pieces
crumpleto crush something into wrinkles
crunchto make a loud noise when you are chewing something hard and crisp like an apple or toast
crushto press together or squash something
crustthe hard outer covering of something like a loaf of bread or a pie
crutcha special stick with a padded top piece that fits under the armpit. Lamp people use crutches to help them to walk
cryto weep tears. The same word also means to make a loud sound of joy or sorrow
crystala hard mineral that is transparent
cubthe name given to some young animals such as bears and foxes
cubea shape having six sides of equal
cuckooa bird that lays its eggs in other bird’s nests. It makes a noise that sounds like its name, cuckoo
cucumbera long green watery vegetable used in salads
cuddleto hug with affection
cuea stick used in the game of billiards
cuffthe end of sleeve at the wrist. The same word also means a blow with the palm of your hand
cuffthe end of sleeve at the wrist. The same word also means a blow with the palm of your hand
cunningclever in a rather unpleasant way; crafty
cupa small bowl-shaped container with a handle, used for drinking
cupboarda set of shelves with doors
curbto stop or hold something back
curdsthe thick part of milk, when it is separated to make cheese. The thin watery part is called whey
cureto help someone who is ill to get well again; to heal
curiouswanting to know or find out. The same word also means odd or strange
curlto twist hair into curves or rings
curlersrollers or pins which girls and women put into heir hair to make it curly
curlynot straight; going around in curves
currenta flow or stream of air, water or electricity. The same word also means at present, happening now
curtaina piece of cloth hanging down to cover a window or a stage in a theatre
curvea line shaped like part of circle
cushiona soft pillow covered with pretty material. It is used to rest against on a chair or settee
custardmilk, eggs and sugar cooked together to make a pudding or sause
customwhat is usually done; habit
customersomeone who wants to buy something, usually in a shop
cutto make pieces of something smaller by using scissors or a knife
cutlerywhat you eat food with-knives, forks and spoons
cycleanother word for bicycle
cyclonea very bad storm in which a strong wind goes round and round in a circle

Learning Competency

What are idioms?
Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.