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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
eagerwanting very much to do something; keen
eaglea large bird of prey, with a sharp curved beak and claws
earthe part of the body you hear with. The same word means a spike of grain such as an ear of corn or barley
earla nobleman of high rank
earlyin good time; near the beginning
earnto get something, usually money, in return for working; to deserve
earnestserious; sincere
earringjewellery which is worn on the ear
earththe planet we live on; the world. The same word also means the ground in a garden or field
earthquakea violent shaking of the earth’s surface
easefreedom from pain or worry; rest from work
easela special stand on which a painter can put his picture while he is working on it
easilywith no difficulty
eastthe direction in which the sun rises; the opposite direction two west
Easterthe time when Christians believe Jesus came back from the dead
easynot difficult; not hard to do or understand
eatto chew and swallow food
eavesthe edges of the roof sticking out over the top of the walls
echoa sound that comes back to you, as when you shout in a tunnel or cave
eclipsea cutting off of light from the sun when the moon comes between the sun and the earth
economythrift, frugality in management
edgethe cutting side of a knife. The same word also means the end of something like a table or a shelf
edificelarge building, a structure
editiona published book, a literary work in printed form
educateto help someone to learn
educationhelping people to learn, usually in schools or colleges
eela very long fish that looks like a snake
effaceto rub out, erase, destroy or expunge
effectthe result caused by something, as when the effect of cold weather is to make you shiver
efforta hard try. When you use all your strength you are making an effort
eggan oval object with a thin shell, a chicken, like other baby birds, lives inside an egg before its is born
ejaculateto utter suddenly, exclaim
elaborateto work out in detail, produce by labour
elasticmaterial made with rubber which stretches easily
elbowthe joint in the middle of your arm
elderolder. The same word also means a large shrub with clusters of white blossoms which turn into purple berries later
elderberrya purple berry from which wine can be made
electricityan visible force which is used to make light and heat. It also makes power for engines and machinery
eleminateto throw off, cancel, leave
elephanta very large animal with a long nose called a trunk
elfa tiny mischievous fairy
elfyour own person
eligibilityfitness or capability of being chosen
elitea select body, the best
elsewherenot here; somewhere else; in another place
embrassto make someone feel shy by teasing or by making difficulties for them
embroiderto make pretty designs on material using a needle and thread
emeralda bright green precious stone
emperorthe male ruler of an empire
empirea group of countries or states which is ruled by one king or queen, called an emperor or empress

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