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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
evergreena shrub or tree that keeps its leaves and stays green all the year rounded
everlastingeternal, enduring for ever
everyeach one
everybodyeach person
everydaydaily. The same word also means usual or common
everyoneanother word for everybody
everythinganother word for everybody
everywherein all places
evilvery bad; wicked; the opposite of good
evolutiondevelopment, an unfolding
ewea female sheep
exactlyjust right; correctly; with no mistakes
exaggerateto say that something is bigger or more important than it really is
examinationa number of questions that you have to answer, usually in writing, to show how much you know about something; another word for test
examineto look at closely and carefully
examplea sample; a one of many. The same word also means a pattern be copied, as when you follow somebody’s good example
excellentvery, very good
exceptleaving out; apart from
excesssuper aboundance, superfluity, itemperance
exchangeto give one thing in return for another
excitingsomething which made you feel strongly is exciting. You can feel excited if something nice is going to happen
exclaimto speak or call out suddenly
excludeto debar, shut out, obstruct, thrust out
excusea reason for not doing something. It may be a good excuse or a poor excuse
exercisethe training of your mind or body
exhaustto use up or tire out completely. The same word also means the pipe which lets out the gases from a motor engine
exhibitiona Public show of things such as works of art, flowers, or furniture
existto be; to continue to live
exitthe way out of place
expandto grow bigger; to swell
expectto look forward to; to think something will happen
expeditiona journey to explore a place or to search for something, such as rare plants and animals
expensecost; payment of money
expensivecosting a lot of money; dear
experienceknowledge of something because you have seen or done it
experimentsomething tried out to see what will happen; a test to find out something
expertsomeone who knows a lot about a particular subject
explainto give the meaning of something; to make something clear
explanationanything said or written that helps you to understand clearly the reason for something
explodeto burst or blow up with a loud bang
exploita heroic deed, to made use of
exploreto travel to places to try to find out all about them
explosionthe act of blowing up or exploding; a sudden brust with a loud noise
expressto put thoughts into words, music or pictures. The same word also means a way of staying things
expressionthe look on faces when people are happy, sad, or worried. The same word also means a way of saying things
extendto stretch out; to make longer
extentthe length, size or area of anything
extramore than necessary or expected
extraordinaryvery unusual; not ordinary; surprising
eyeone of the tow parts of your face that you see with

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What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.