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Definition Of Gerund:
Gerunds are present participles that are used as nouns and end with an -ing. Gerunds can function as the subject of a verb, the object of a verb, a predicate nominative or complement, or the object of a preposition.

The -ing form is a general term for words called either 'gerund' or 'present participle' in traditional approaches to grammar.

List Of Gerunds


answering arriving asking reading
carrying cleaning closing enjoying
finishing disscussing helping consulting
inviting listening watching looking
fitting joining working raining
receiving remaining walking washing
visiting smoking starting staying
studying waiting talking taking
running selling sending singing
sleeping spending eating fishing
fixing doing coming asking for
writing wearing trying to travelling
Gerund With Examples


Getting up
Having a bath
Having breakfast/lunch/dinner
Getting dressed
Going home/to work/to the office
Driving home/to work/to the office
Reading letters/the newspaper
Working in the office
Talking with friends
Buying the paper/cigarettes
Watching TV
Writing to a friend
Calling up a friend
Playing cards/soccer
Walking to the park
Running across the park
Visiting a museum
Washing the car
Cooking a meal

As the subject of the sentence


Singing is her favourite pastime

Singing is formed from the verb sing by adding -ing. We also see that it is here used as the subject of a verb, and hence does the work of a Noun. It is therefore a Verb-Noun and is called a Gerund.

As the object of the sentence


I like playing cricket
We have improved our speaking

As the complement of the sentence


My only physical work is walking
His hobby is reading and painting

As the object of a preposition


She is fond of reading books
He was prevented from meeting his friend

Learning Competency

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