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Article Definition:
A, an, and the are special adjectives. These are called Articles.

When articles combine with nouns, they form noun phrases: There are two articles in English

The Indefinite articleA or AnA king, an elephant
The Definite ArticleTheCall the man

Use Of A / An / The

1. ‘A’ / ‘An’ means one. So we can use ‘a’ / ‘an’ only with singular countable nouns.

2. An is not used wth plural nouns or proper nouns.

3. ‘A’ / ‘An’ cannot be used with uncountable nouns.

For example, We cannot say : a milk, a water, a tea, a sugar, a rice.

The’ can be used with all nouns (singular or plural).

Learning Competency

Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)