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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
ubiquitousexisting everywhere, omnipresent
uglynot pretty or pleasant to look at
ulceran open sore on the skin or inside you
ultimatumthe last offer, Final warning
umbrellaa round piece of material stretched over thin pieces of metal. It can be opened and held over your head to keep you from getting wet in the rain
umpiresomeone who settles arguments and decides whether players have broken the rules in games like cricket and tennis
unclethe brother of your mother or father
uncomfortablenot at ease; feeling awkward
undergroundunderneath the ground. The same word also means a railway that runs in a tunnel under the ground
underlineto draw a line under a word
underneathin a lower place; under something
understandto know what something means
undoto unfasten, untie or open something
undoneunfastened; opened
undressto take your clothes off
unexpectednot expected; sudden
unhappynot happy; sad
unhealthynot healthy, sickly
unicorn animaginary animal that looks like a horse with a horn in the middle of its forehead
uniformspecial clothes worn by those who belong to a group of people such as the army, the navy, or a school
unifyto form into one
unimportantnot important
uninterestingnot interesting
uniona joining together. The same word also means a group of workers who have joined together
union jackthe national flag of the United Kingdom
unita single thing
uniteto join together, to do something together as a group
universalto do with everyone, everywhere
unkindnot kind; cruel
unlessif not; if you do not
unlikenot like; different
unloadto take a load from; to take the bullets out of a gun
unpleasantnot pleasant; nasty
unsteadynot steady; shaky
unsuccessfulnot successful; not able to do something you try to do
untidynot neat; not well arranged
untilup to the time. You are not allowed to drive a car until you are old enough
unusualnot usual; out of the ordinary
unwarpto take the covering off something
unwellill; not healthy
uptowards a higher place; the opposite of down
uponon top of something
uppercutan upward blow used by a boxer
uppermosthighest in place, rank or power
uproara noisy disturbance; shouting and yelling
upsetto knock something over. The same word also means to be worried or ill
upside-downturned over, with the top part underneath
upstairson a floor above the ground floor of a building
upstreamtowards the upper part of a stream
upwardgoing up

Learning Competency

Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)