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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
cattlecows, bulls and oxen
cauliflowera cabbage-like vegetable with a large white part in the middle that is good to eat
causeto make something happen
causticcutting, burning, happen
causticcutting, burning, corroding
cautioncarefulness; watchfulness
cavalrysoldiers on horseback
cavea big hole in rocks or in the side of a hill
caverna large cave
cawthe loud hoarse cry of a crow
ceaseto stop
cedara large coniferous tree
ceilingthe top of a room
celandinea yellow wildflower
celebrationa party on a special day like a birthday or a national holiday
celerya vegetable with long white stalks and pale green leaves
cella room where prisoners are kept. The same word also means the small bare room a monk lives in
cellaran underground room where coal and wine and other things are kept
cementa greyish powdered clay mixture that hardness when it is mixed with sand and water. It is used to stick bricks and other building materials together
cementerya place where people who have died are buried
censuresevere judgement, expression of disapproval
centigradedivided into a hundred degrees. On a centigrade thermometer freezing point is shown as zero and boiling point at 100
centimetrea hundredth part of a metre
centrethe middle part of anything
centurya hundred years
cerealany kind of grain used as food
ceremonyan important and special happening, like a wedding or a coronation
certainsure; without any doubt
certificatesomething written or printed which proves that something is true; written proof that you have passed and examination
cessationstoppage, pause, ceasing
chaffincha small wild bird with a cheerful song
chainmetal rings joined together
chaira single seat with a back to lean against
chalka soft white stone which can be made into sticks for writing on the blackboard
challengeto invite someone to try to beat you at something, such as running, swimming or wrestling
championsomeone who is better at a sport than anyone else. The same word also means to stick up for someone or defend him
chancesomething that happens without being planned. The same word also means an opportunity
chancerya court of public affairs, a division of court of justice
changeto make something different from what is it was before
channela deep narrow strip of sea-water between tow pieces of land. The same word also means a kind of path through the air used for television programs
chantto sing musically
chaosutter confusion, formless voice
chapa boy or a man
chapela small church or a separate part of a large church
chaplaina clergy man of the army, navy, court
chaptera selection of a book divided off by numbers chapter1,chapter 2
characterwhat a person is like. Someone’s character may be good or bad, honest or dishonest, nice or nasty
charade(say sharahd) a game in which you cat out parts of a word and then the whole word
charcoala hard blackened piece of burnt wood. You can draw pictures with it
chargethe cost of something. The same word also means to rush at something. To be in charge is to be in control

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What are idioms?
Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.