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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
clerksomeone who does office work, such as answering letters and keeping accounts
cleverquick to learn; able to do things very well
clicka short snapping sound
clientan employer of an advocate, a customer
cliffa high steep rock
climatethe kind of weather a country usually has. Africa and India have hot climates
climbto move upwards using your feet and sometimes our hands to hold on
clingto hold on to something tightly
clinica place where people go to see doctors or nurses
clinka small ringing sound, as when you gently touch coins or glasses together
clipto cut or trim something with scissors. The same word also means a small metal fastening for holding letters or papers together
clippera large fast ship with many sails
cliquea gang, a party, a set
cloaka loose garment without sleeves, usually longer than a cape
cloakrooma place where you can leave hats and coats: a lavatory
clocka machine that tells you what the time is
clockwisethe direction in which clock hands move
clockworkmachinery like that which is inside a clock
clogt block up something like a drainpipe. The same word also means a wooden shoe
closeto shut. The same word also means very near
closeta small private apartment
closurethe act of closing, the act of ending parliamentary debate
clotha woven material that clothes and coverings are made of
clothesall the things you wear, except jewellery
clothinganother word for clothes
cloudmillions of tiny drops of water floating close together in the sky. Clouds may look white or grey
clouta blow. The same word also means a piece of cloth
clovera wild plant with leaves in three rounded parts and small tight pink or white heads
clowna man in a circus. He has funny painted face and makes us laugh
cluba group of people who meet to of things together, like playing tennis or golf. The same word also means a heavy stick
cluckthe soft short sound a hen makes to her chicks
cluesomething that helps you to find the answer to a puzzle or mystery
clumpa number of plants or trees growing close together
clumsynot graceful; not good at handling things
clustera bunch; a group
clutchto grab something and hold on to it tightly. The same word also means a part of machinery used for starting and stopping an engine
coacha large carriage pulled by horse, with an outside seat in front of the driver. The same word also means a large motor vehicle for long journeys
coala hard black mineral used for fuel
coalitiona union, an alliance
coalmana man who delivers coal
coastthe border of land next to the sea. The same word also means to go downhill in a car without using the engine
coatan outer garment with sleeves
coatinga layer of paint, cloth of coats
coaxto entice, persuade by fondling
cobblersomeone who made or mends boots and shoes
cobweba very thin net made by a spider to trap insects
cocka male bird: a rooster
cockerela young cock
cocoaa brown powder made cocoa beans. It is used to make hot drinks and chocolate

Learning Competency

Stressed and Unstressed
In English sentences content words are stressed while structural words are generally not.