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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
coconuta very large nut with milky liquid inside
coda large sea fish caught for food
codesecret words or signals used to send messages
coffeea hot drink made from ground-up roasted coffee beans
coffina large wooden or metal box that a dead body is put into
cohereto stick together, to be consistent
coilto wind in rings
coina piece of money made of metal
cokefuel made from coal when the gas has been baked out of it
coldthe opposite of hot. A fire is hot and ice is cold. The same word also means an illness which affects the nose and throat
collapseto fall to pieces or to fall down
collarthe part of a garment round the neck
colleaguea co-worker, an associate, a partner of joint office
collectto bring together or gather together
collectionthe things you collect, such as a collection of stamps, seashells or old coins
collegea place where you can go on studying after you have left secondary school
collideto bump or run into something
colliea large long haired sheep dog
collierya coal mine
colorpaint with hue
colourRed, yellow, green are colours
colta young horse
columna pillar. The same word also means a line of soldiers and a list of numbers
comba short piece of plastic of metal with teeth in it, used to tidy your hair
combatto fight, action, opposition, a fighting
combineto mix or join together
combine-harvestera farm machine that does tow jobs. It harvests the grain and then threshes it.
cometo move near
comedianan actor who makes people laugh
comedya funny play or film
comfortableto be feeling at ease, without pain or worry
comica picture paper for children
commandto tell someone he must do something
commenceto begin
commentto make remarks, illustration, explanatory remarks
committo do something, usually something wrong like a crime
commitmenta sending to prison, pledge, imprisonment
committeea small number of people who meet together to arrange things
commonordinary; usual. The same word also means an open piece of ground that doesn’ belong to one person
commotionnoise and fuss
companionsomeone who goes somewhere with you; a friend
companionablesociable, worth company
companya group of people working together in a business. The same word also mans a group of people who are guests at a party
compareto say how things are alike or different; to show whether one thing is better or worse than another
compassan instrument for showing north, south, east and west
compassesa tool for drawing a circle
compelto force someone to do something
competeto be in a test or race to see who is best
competitiona test of how much people know or how good they are at something. The winner usually gets a prize
complainto tell about something that is upsetting you, or that you think is wrong

Learning Competency

Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.