Last Updated : 07 Jan 2019.

Period (Full Stop) In English Grammar

Definition :
Periods are the most basic of punctuation marks. A period is used to end a declarative sentences, imperative sentences, abbreviations, names and initials and accronyms.

Periods are used to provide conclusions to sentences, also used with abbreviations as well as with names and initials.

Period (.) With Sentences


A declarative sentence ends with a period (.). (A sentence that makes either a statement or answers a question).
It is raining.
The school bell is ringing.
She is going to school.
An imperative sentence can end with a period (.). (A sentence that gives an order).
Hand me the cellphone, please.
Finish your work so we can go to the temple.
A period (.) ends with double quotation marks.
David said, “I am not sleeping now.
Sarah said. “I would rather resign.

Period (.) With Abbreviations


An abbreviation can end with a period (.).
O.C.R. -> Optical Character Recognition.
D.phil -> Doctor of Philosophy.
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