Last Updated : 07 Jan 2019.

Comma In Engish Grammar

Definition :
Comma (,) is a type of Punctuation mark, and used as a separator within sentences, allowing for a short pause. It is a smallest break value within a sentence’s structure.

When two independent clauses are joined by one of the coordinating conjunctions (and), (or), (but), (for) and (nor), we can use comma before the coordinating conjunctions.

Use Commas (,) Between Noun And Noun Phrases In A List


I bought two mangoes, two bannanas and some apples.
She enjoys vollyball, badminton, tennis and skating.

Use Commas (,) Between Adjectives


A giraffe is a tall, long-necked, long-legged animal.
She is a tall, beautiful and smart young girl.

Use Comma (,) Between Items In A List


I need paper, pencil, sketch and glue.
He likes reading, swimming, walking and playing cricket.

Use Comma (,) After Yes And No


Yes, it’s going.
“Do you like cricket?” “Yes, I like it very much’

Use Comma (,) Before Or After The Name Of The Person We Are Speaking To


Goodbye, David.
Miss Sarah, could you give me a pen, please?

Use Comma (,) Usage With Dates


We will meet on September 22, 2018.
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