Examples Of Parts Of Speech

vain (adv.)I tried in vain to sleep
vain (adj.)He was vainly trying to find the keyhole in the dark
Long (adj)We have a long journey before us
Long (adv)I hope they will stay long
Long (verb)They long for their home
Long (noun)The long and short of its is this
Break (verb) The child is playing with your glasses. It may break it
Break (noun)There is a break in the wall
Half (adj)I waited half an hour
Half (adv)He is half dead
Half (noun)You may take the bigger half
Quick (adj)This is quick train
Quick (adv)Come quick!
Quick (noun)I hurt the quick of my finger-nail
Before (adv)I have seen him before
Before (prep.)You should come before 10 O’clock
Some (adj)Will you lend me some money?
Some (pronoun)Some disapprove of the idea...
Sound (adj)We arrived home safe and sound
Sound (verb)That music sounds beautiful
Sound (noun)Sounds travels more slowly than light
Tight (adv)He has made my suit too tight
Tight (adj)The drawer is so tight I cannot open it
Thinned (adv.)The clouds thinned and the sun came out
Thin (adj.)The ice is too thin to stand on
Whole (adj)We drank a whole bottle each
Whole (adv)I am not wholly convinced by your argument
Whole (noun)As members of society we are all parts of a greater whole


Penalty (noun) The ticketless traveller paid a penalty of $10.
Penalty (adj) Indian penal code is hard on crimes
Penalty (verb) Those who copy will be penalised
Desire (noun) Desire is the root of all evils
Desire (adj) B.E. is the desirable qualification
Desire (verb) Deserve before you desire
Need (noun) Nature has enough for everyone’s need
Need (adj) The needy students applied for a scholarship
Need (verb) Take my camera if you need
Think (noun) Weigh your thoughts before uttering them
Think (adj) He is a thoughtful person
Think (verb) Think before you ink
Adjective (adj) You look simply divine
Verb (verb) Astrologers claim to be able to divine what the stars hold in store for us
Add (noun) The baby is an addition to the family
Add (adj) Additional forces were sent to tackle the violence during polls
Add (verb) He added another victory to his credit in chess
Wonder (noun) Madurai Temple has been declared as one of the modern woders of the world
Wonder (adj) Taj is a wonderful building
Wonder (verb) I wonder how he makes both ends meet
Expect (noun) Expectations should be realistic
Expect (adj) She is an expectant mother
Expect (verb) Teachers expect obedience from students
Live (noun) Life is real
Live (adj) It was a live cricket show
Live (verb) Live your life ot your fullest capacity
Succeed (noun) Hardwork is always crowned by success
Succeed (adj) Successful people believe in hard work
Succeed (verb) Nothing succeeds like success
Achieve (noun) Achievement does not end problems
Achieve (adj) Fix achievable goals
Achieve (verb) Try to achieve your goal by fair means
Search (noun) The search for the missing officer lasted for a few weeks
Search (adj) They had search lights
Search (verb) The police searched the house
Experiment (noun) Edison conducted many experiments to find the right filament for bulb
Experiment (adj) The experimental design proved to be very successful
Experiment (verb) He experimented with 18000 types of plants ot find one plant which gave more latex


True (noun)It was a dream which came true
True (adj)He is my true friend
Nature (noun)Nature is always friendly to man
Nature (adj)Mr.John was the natural choice of the people in the election in U.K.
Futile (noun)Her late efforts ended in futility
Futile (adj)It was a futile exercise
Majestic (noun)Her majesty did not attend the marriage party
Majestic (adj)It was a majestic portrait
Enternal (noun)A great teacher’s influence lasts unto enternity
Enternal (adj)The last one was an enternal voyage
Success (noun)Mr.David’s project was a great success
Success (adj)Successful people do ordinary things in a different way
Inspire (noun)She drew her inspiration to fly from Tata
Inspire (adj)The inspirational talk lasted for two hours
Globe (noun)She chased the globe half way to realize her dreams
Globe (adj)Ozone hole is a global issue
Grave (noun)The little boy had a watery grave
Grave (adj)He is a grave person
Better (noun)Scientists constantly try to better our life
Betters (adj)We should respect our betters
Wound (noun)The doctor examined the wounds of the soldier
Wound (adj)The wounded man was rushed to the hospital
Flesh (noun)Shylock wanted only Antonio’s flesh
Flesh (adj)This is a fleshy fruit
Just (noun)Justice delayed is justice denied
Just (adj)solomon was a just man
Excellent (noun)Excellence award was conferred on Rosy
Excellent (adj)Rosy is an excellent mother
Earth (noun)The earth moves round the sun
Earth (adj)Earthly power does not last long
Law (noun)Law is an ass
Law (adj) Be a lawful citizen

Learning Competency

Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.