Auxiliary Verb or Helping Verb

Definition Of Auxiliary Verb:
Verb that relates subjects with their predicates to identify tense and also voice, person, number, or mood.

Auxiliary verbs are used to enhance a main verb’s meaning by giving us more information about its tense.

List Of Be Form Verbs


List Of Do Form Verbs


List Of Have Form Verbs


List Of Modal Verbs

couldmaymightought todare

The be form, do form, have form, and modal verbs are called auxiliary verbs.

What is a Verb Phrase?

Definition Of Verb Phrase:
When a main verb has one or more helping verbs, this is called a verb phrase.

Examples For Verb Phrase:

Steven and David must have had permission to leave early
Sachin will not be going to cricket practice this evening
They should have been mailed earlier

Learning Competency

Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)