Verbs Exercises

Exercise For Past Tense Verbs.

Fill in the blanks with suitable past tense verb :

1. He (run) fast.Answer
2. The cat (kill) the rate.Answer
3. The boys (play) cricket.Answer
4.I (go) to temple.Answer
5. I (score) good marks.Answer
6. David (call) me.Answer
7. She (learn) grammar.Answer
8. He (walk) forward.Answer
9. They (eat) mangoes.Answer
10. She (come) yesterday.Answer
Exercise For Verbs

Fill in the blanks using the given verb in suitable form :

1. The Prime Minister (leave) for London next week.Answer
2. Yesterday we (buy) a costly car.Answer
3. My father (return) from Mexico.Answer
4. Now we (live) in the welfare state.Answer
5. It (rain) since 5 P.M.Answer
6. The teacher (open) the lid of the jar.Answer
7. The workers (paint) the walls.Answer
8. The players (continue) the match in spite of the rain.Answer
9. The dogs (hear) the sound and began to bark.Answer
10. The manager (instruct) his subordinates to complete the given work in time.Answer
11. He (bring) me a gift on my birthday.Answer
12. I (give) them money, if I had more.Answer
13. A star (shine) in the sky.Answer
14. They (play) hockey.Answer
15. I (write) notes.Answer
16. I (have) my breakfast.Answer
17. The pain (grow) worse.Answer
18. The peon (ring) the bell.Answer
19. I (sleep) well last night.Answer
20. He (write) a letter to meAnswer
Exercise For Be Verbs.

Fill in the blanks with ‘be’ verb in present tense form:

1. He a good master.Answer
2. I in USA from 2010 to 2012.Answer
3. They old friends.Answer
4. It my birthday today.Answer
5. The weather today good.Answer
6. He a good cricket player.Answer
7. It a good film.Answer
8. They walking now.Answer
9. He in her room.Answer
10. Mr.David a great man.Answer

Learning Competency

What are idioms?
Idioms can be defined as a group of words having a meaning different from the individual meanings of each word in the group.