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Definition :
An Interjection is a word put into a sentence to show some sudden feeling or emotion. Interjections do not refer to anything, but simply express the speaker’s emotion or wish. In grammatical terms, they occur in isolation as an exclamation, or are loosely added on to a sentence
Interjection has two types such as Mild Interjection and Strong Interjection.

Mild Interjection (Punctuated with Comma)


wellofcourse such

Strong Interjection (Punctuated with Exclamation point)


Hurrah!Bravo! Hush!
Hello!Ugh! Ah!
Ha! ha!Oh! Well done!
Alas!Fie! Hi!
Ha!Yes! Ouch!
Help!Happy Birthday! Good morning!
Wow!Hush! Hark!

Use an exclamation point at the end of a sentence that shows a strong feeling such as surprise or fear. An exclamation point is used instead of a period. Notice that an exclamation point (!) is often used after interjections


What! The house caught fire
Wow! Did you see that?
Hurrah! We have won the match
Alas! The soldier is dead
Oh! What a pretty dress it is
Ah! Here comes the actor at last
Hello! How do you do?
What! has he invited you!
Hush! Don’t make a noise
How wise he is!
Oh! what a nice game he played
Hurrah! we have won
Hello! what are you doing there?
Ah! I have hurt my toe
Hush! The baby may wake up
Hark! I hear a drum
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