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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
juiceliquid in oranges, lemons, tomatoes and other fruit and vegetables
juke-boxan instrument that plays records when you put money in it
jumblea mixture of odd things
jumpto spring up off the ground
jumpera loose-fitting knitted pullover with sleeves, worn mostly by girls and women
junctiona place where railway lines or roads meet
juncturecritical moment caused by circumstance, a joining or uniting
junglea forest in hot countries where plants and trees grow so thickly that it is hard to find your way through
juniorsomeone who is younger or less important than others
junksomething of no use or value; rubbish. The same word also means a Chinese sailing ship
jupitorthe largest and brightest planet, the chief deity or the Romans

Learning Competency

Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)