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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
grown-upfully grown, adult
gruba soft fat new-born insect
grudgea feeling of unfriendliness or dislike for someone
gruffrough in manner; stern
grumbleto find fault and say you are not satisfied
gruntto make a noise like a pig
guardto look after someone or something and see that nothing harms it, or is harmed by it
guardiansomeone who guards or looks after someone or something
guessto answer a question without knowing for sure that it is the right answer
guesta visitor; someone you invite to your house, or to restaurant
guffawburst of boisterous laughter
guidanceexplaining or showing the way to someone
guidesomeone who shows people the way. He leads and helps them
guilda society with common object, society off merchants or tradesmen
guillotinemachine for beheading
guilta feeling of having done something wront
guineaone pound and one shilling or one pound and five new pence
guinea-piga small furry animal with short ears and tail, often kept as a pet
guitara musical instrument. It has strings which you pluck to make music
gulfa very large bay that cuts into the land: a very deep hollow in the earth
gulpto take a quick deep swallow of food or air
gumsticky stuff which you use to fasten things together. The same word also means a soft sweet which you chew but do not swallow
guna machine which shoots bullets
gunpowdera special powder which explodes when you set light to it
gurgleto make a bubbly sound, as when water is let out of a bath
gushto rush out suddenly, as when water rushes out of burst pipe
gusta sudden burst or rushing out of wind or laughter
guttera narrow hollow for draining off rain water, usually on a roof or at the roadside
guzzleeat or drink greedily
gymnasiuma large room fitted with ropes, bars and all kinds of equipment for exercise
gypsyanother way of spelling gipsy

Learning Competency

Examples of back formation
1.Baby-sit (baby-sitter)
2.Gyre (gyroscope)
3.Edit (editor)