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Vocabulary WordsMeanings
feeblevery weak; not strong
feedto give food to someone or some animal
feelto find out what something is like by touching it
feetmore than one foot
fellowa man; a companion
felta thick woolen material used for hats
femalepeople and animals who can become mothers. Girl and women are of the female sex
femininelike, or to do with, women or girls
fencesomething put round a field or garden to keep animals and people in or out
ferrya boat used to take people or cars across water where there is no bridge
fertileable to produce seeds or plants abundantly
festerto rot; to become infected
festivala joyful celebration with dancing music and often feasting
fetchto go and get
fete(rhymes with gate) an outdoor entertainment of party, usually to raise money
feveran illness which makes your body very hot and makes you feel weak and thirsty
fewnot many
fictiona made-up story or book about people and happenings that are not really true
fiddlera man who plays a fiddle
fidgetto move about in a restless way
fieldan open piece of land, often surrounded by hedges
fierceangry; wild
fierylike fire; flaming or burning
fightto struggle against someone or something
figurethe shape of something, such as a person’s body. The same word also means a number
filea metal tool with a rough surface, used to make things smooth. The same word also means a line of people following one behind the other
fillto put so much in a container that you cannot get any more in
filma moving picture. The same word also means a strip of material used in a camera
filtera special strainer used to separate dirt and other solids from liquid
filthdirt, garbage
filthyvery dirty
finone of the wing-like parts of a fish which help it to balance and swim
finalthe very last; coming at the end
finallyat last; at the end
findto see something you are looking for; to discover
fineexcellent; very good. The same word also means sunny and dry
fingera part or your hand. You have five fingers on each hand
fingerprintthe pattern made when you press your finger or thumb on the surface of something
finishto get to the end; to complete
firethe flames, light and heat made by something burning
fire enginea big motor vehicle that carries the firemen and their equipment to put out a fire
firemana man who helps to put out fires
fireplacethe open place under the chimney where a fire burns
firesidethe space next to a fireplace where you can sit and warm yourself
fireworkfireworks are usually made of gunpowder in a cardboard tube. They are set alight after dark on special days
firmsolid; strong and not easily moved
fisha swimming animal which cannot live out of water. It has fins and breathes through its gills
fishermana man who catches fish
fishingthe sport or business of catching fish
fishing-neta net used for ctching fish

Learning Competency

Stressed and Unstressed
In English sentences content words are stressed while structural words are generally not.