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Choose the correct question tag for the following statement:
1. This tree can’t bear fruit,
a) can’t it?b) can it?c) will it? Answer
2. She was feeling cold,
a) wasn’t she?b) was she?c) doesn’t she? Answer
3. She is singing,
a) isn’t she?b) is she?c) doesn’t she? Answer
4. I am working,
a) am I?b) amn’t I?c) aren’t I? Answer
5. The plumber fixes pipes,
a) does he?b) didn’t he?c) doesn’t he? Answer
6. Mr.Sachin heads the meeting,
a) doesn’t he?b) does he?c) will n’t he? Answer
7. Hawkers sell goods from street to street,
a) doesn’t he?b) don’t they?c) do they? Answer
8. Dhoni has a motor cycle,
a) hasn’t he?b) don’t he?c) doesn’t he? Answer
9. Germany has won the match,
a) has it?b) hasn’t it?c) doesn’t it? Answer
10. Rosy hasn’t answered my call,
a) has she?b) hasn’t she?c) does she? Answer


11. Sarah has chicken pox,
a) has’t she?b) has she?c) doesn’t she? Answer
12. They had a meeting last week,
a) haven’t they?b) hadn’t they?c) have they? Answer
13. She has a problem to solve,
a) haven’t she?b) has she?c) hasn’t she? Answer
14. I found nobody at the door,
a) don’t I?b) didn’t I?c) did I? Answer
15. Neither Sally nor Betty is helpful,
a) is she?b) didn’t they?c) aren’t they? Answer
16. Children do not hate sweets,
a) do they?b) don’t they?c) will n’t they? Answer
17. No child below four is allowed,
a) isn’t he?b) don’t he?c) isn’t they? Answer
18. Not one apple has a sweet taste,
a) doesn’t it?b) hasn’t it?c) does it? Answer
19. David never gets up early,
a) is he?b) does he?c) doesn’t he? Answer
20. The tourists rarely prefer spicy food,
a) do they?b) don’t they?c) did they? Answer
21. Few girls came back to thank,
a) didn’t they?b) did they?c) will they? Answer
22. Maria has not had breakfast,
a) hasn’t she?b) was she?c) has she? Answer
23. We could find them nowhere,
a) could we?b) couldn’t we?c) did we? Answer
24. There is a little coffee in the cup,
a) won’t there?b) isn’t there?c) is there? Answer
25. Stop the car,
a) can’t you?b) will you?c) won’t you? Answer
26. Catch me,
a) can you?b) do you?c) will n’t you? Answer
27. Shelly had cut her finger,
a) does she?b) had she?c) hadn’t she? Answer
28. Only the selected ones were allowed,
a) weren’t they?b) can they?c) will they? Answer
29. The woodcutters fell trees,
a) don’t they?b) do they?c) did they? Answer
30. Wait for him,
a) cann’t you?b) will/won’t you?c) do you? Answer

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