Exercise -1

Fill each blank with I, me, we or us

1. Did you ask David or (I, me) Answer
2. Sachin and (I, me) went to the railway station.Answer
3. Will you let John and (I, me) go to the cinema?Answer
4. Mother gave (we, us) more mangoes than she gave to Antony and Rosy.Answer
5. are going to the park.Answer
6. Sit her between Rosy and (I, me) .Answer
7. My sister and (I, me) had a nice dinner.Answer
8. Between you and (I, me) it is not true.Answer
Exercise -2

Fill each blank with he, him, she, her, they or them :

1. Where is Diana? I want to see . (she, her)Answer
2. I am younger than . (he, him)Answer
3. They sent for you and (she, her)Answer
4. Tell (they, them) to go away.Answer
5. I can play much better than (she, her)Answer
6. How do you know (they, them) are Italians?Answer
Exercise -3

Supply personal pronouns in agreement with their nouns in the following sentences :

1. The dog was hungry so I fed .Answer
2. The bird can fly because has wings. Answer
3. I have five flowers; are all pinkAnswer
4. I looked for the book, but could not find Answer
5. Akbar met Abdul; talked for an hour.Answer
6. The dog barked at Rosy and ran after Answer
Exercise -4

Fill up the blanks with the proper form :

1. Mine are yellow. What are ? (your, yours).Answer
2. That book is hers; this is (my, mine). Answer
3. Are these books ? (your, yours)Answer
4. This is my class; that is .(her, hers)Answer
5. These are their pencils; they are not . (our, ours)Answer
6. Where is (their, theirs) cusin?Answer
Exercise -5

Fill up the blanks in the following sentences by using who, whom or whose :

1. called to see you?Answer
2. do you mean? Answer
3. did you call? Answer
4. was that speaking to you?Answer
5. With are you living.Answer
6. To were you speaking.Answer
Exercise -6

Fill up the blanks in the following sentences with suitable relative pronouns (which or who):

1. I like girls speak the truth.Answer
2. Where is the book I gave you? Answer
3. God helps those help themselves.Answer
4. I know the man lives here.Answer
5. I do not know the person called me this morning.Answer
6. The house in we live is very old.Answer
Exercise -7

Fill up the blanks in the following sentences with suitable Demonstrative pronouns (this, these, that, or those):

1. Can any of you do sums?.Answer
2. What is ? Answer
3. Give me one of .Answer
4. mangoes are not ripe.Answer
5. I taught David sum.Answer
6. What is chair made of?.Answer
Exercise - 8

Fill up each blanks with an appropriate Interrogative pronoun:

1. is my cricket-bat?.Answer
2. did you not come sooner? Answer
3. will the train start?.Answer
4. much money have you?.Answer
5. did you lose your purse.Answer
6. will Rahman return?.Answer
Exercise - 9

Fill each blank with the proper form of a Reflexive Pronoun:

1. I blame for it.Answer
2. We often deceive .Answer
3. The old man often talks to .Answer
4. The children hid .Answer
5. Boys, you will hurt .Answer
6. She poisoned .Answer
Exercise - 10

Fill in the blanks using relative pronoun:

1. I can solve problems you find difficult to solve.Answer
2. Where is the book I gave you yesterday.Answer
3. I am the client spoke to you over phone yesterday.Answer
4. Sachin came to school first is my brother.Answer
5. I found the pen you lost.Answer
6. He is the criminal is sentenced to death.Answer
7. She is the woman impressed me with her talk.Answer
8. I am the candidate name you called out just now.Answer
9. Rosy is my neighbour left to Paris yesterday.Answer
10. I admire those are duty conscious.Answer
11. I love those are kind to others.Answer
12. The house in I live is good.Answer
13. The snake bit the little boy has been killed.Answer
14. A glass is empty cannot be full.Answer
15. A boy is timid cannot be brave.Answer
16. Those are the boys are not industrious.Answer
17. This is the child is my pet.Answer
18. Return the book I lent you a week back.Answer
19. I do not like people are insincere.Answer
20. I like people are duty conscious.Answer

Learning Competency

Examples of Blending
1.Manimal (man + animal)
2.Hi-tech (high + technology)
3.Brunch (breakfast + lunch)