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Definition Of Simple Prepositions:
Simple Prepositions are "short" or "little" words that express relationships including those of space, time, and degree.

Examples Of Simple Prepositions

Simple Prepositions
Definitions of some important simple prepositions

At (near, close to, with a purpose)

At is a common preposition with two main meanings. 1.At indicates a position in space. 2. at indeicates a point in time.

1. » ‘at a position in space’

At is used for place or location, when we cannot use ON or IN.


My son is sitting at the table, doing their homework
There’s someone at the front door: I heard the bell ring.
at the beginningat the endat the front
at the backat the bottomat the entrance

In some common phrases, the is omitted.

at homeat schoolat work
2. » ‘at a position or point in time or stages’

At is used with expressions of clock time.


The concert starts at 6.30 on Staturday evening
at the momentat lunch timeat midday
3. At with Numbers

Examples In Numbers

Now a days most people retire at the age of 60
She lives at 244, North Street, England.
The police arrested him for driving a car at 120 Kmph
4. At for towards (a goal of the action)

Examples In Action

Aim at the tiger
Point at the lion
Throw a stone at the dog

By (Place, Means, After a Passive, and Time)

By as a word indicating place

By (preposition) referring to position means ‘near’ or ‘besite’ or ‘next to’


There’s a policeman standing by my car
Who’s been parking by a ‘No Parking ’ sign?
We drove by your house
The bus was going by the supermarket as I came out
Way of doing something

By as a preposition indicating means, method


You start the car by turning this sky
The thief must have left the building by the back door
We drove by your house

In taking of means of transport in general, we use by + noun without a or the


Tom goes to school by bus / train
I came home by bicycle / air

More Examples

done by a carpentermade by
by the stormby the side of
by beggingby airmail
by Route 55by the rules
by six P.M.by now
by the timeby mine

For (only, particular)

For indicates : a receipient of beneficiary


We have a present for you
I have news for you
She sang a song for me

For indicates : a special purpose


You need a coat for winter
He has a bicycle for transportation
We need room for ten people for our party
This pills are for headache

For indicates : the intended result of an action

Examples For Preposition "For"

The boys were screaming for help
What are you looking for?
We need room for ten people for our party


For indicates :s a source, point of departure, separation, motion or movement

Examples For Preposition "From"

I hear from him every week
Keep away from the crowd
I come from London
Three from nine equals six
Please start from the beginning
I had an excellent flight from Delhi to London


In indicates : location inside, place, time, within, membership of group

Examples For Preposition "In"

The pens are in the box / cupboard
He sat down in the chair and read his novel
Is your brother in? (at home)
There is a boy in the river
Please fill in this form
We went in the car, but they went in a helicopter
He can’t come to the phone because he’s in bed
She was born in the 1800s


In indicates : motion, entrance, forced contact, divition, conversion

Examples For Preposition "Into"

He went into the room
I got to go into hospital
They went into business together in 1979
She cut the pie into eight wedges
He always gets into trouble at school
I have translated the language English into French

Of (link of meaning)

Of indicates : belonging or connection

Examples For Preposition "Of"

The pages of the bookbelonging
A book of minebelonging
A guest of myfatherbelonging
The heart of a lionbelonging
The owner of the carbelonging
The top of the hillpart to whole
A member of Parliamentmember to its group
A litre of oilexpression of amount
A group of studentcrowd, group, bunch
Much of his advicecrowd, group, bunch
A bowel of fruitcontainer or units
A bottle of milkcontainer or units
The roar of the lionrealtionship between
The difficulty of learning Englishlink of the verb be
The art of paintingrefer to the same person or thing
The job of being presidentrefer to the same person or thing
The game of foodballlinking two nouns
I am afraid of snakeslinking adjectives or verbs
You must be tired of watching T.V.linking adjectives or verbs
A guest of myfatherbelonging


Off indicates : place or movement, separate, conneted, behaviour

Examples For Preposition "Off"

The car ran off the roadmovement
They shoveled the snow off the drivewaymovement
She cut off her beautiful long hairseparation
Our street is off Main Streetconnected
The children are off school todaybehavior
She went off her diet againbehavior


On indicates : place, movement, means of travel or time, higher than something and touching it, on the top of

Examples For Preposition "On"

Please sign your name on the dotted lineplace
Let’s have a barbecue on the balconyplace
She rides her bicycle on the sidewalkplace
That is the only place on earth where she feels safeplace
The child pasted the picture on the pageplace
The porch is on the side of the houseplace
The cat is sitting on the floorplace
The cat jumped on the table / windowmovement
I go to work on the bustravel
On Saturday we stayed at hometime
How is going on?happening
What’s on at the movies?happening
I heard it on the radiothrough the medium of
Would you mind putting a tape on?through the medium of
Are you going to watch anything on T.V.?through the medium of
Watch on Star Moviesthrough the medium of

Out (Adverb of place or motion)

Out indicates : removal, distribution, movement from inside, absence, a distance from, no longer in supply, position

Examples For Preposition "Out"

He pulled out a sharp knifemovement from inside
The fist player to go out loses the gameremoval
Please take the trash outremoval
The teacher told me to hand these papers outdistribution
He was freezing when he got out of the watermovement from inside
She took the cake out of the ovenmovement from inside
The boss is out of the officeabsence
My neighbors are out of the country this monthabsence
The restaurant is about three miles out of towna distance from
They had to walk to the gas station because they ran out of gas no longer in supply


Over indicates : motion, above, higher than, more than, to the other side, covering, during

Examples For Preposition "Over"

The dog jumped over the fencemovement above
He ran over the bridgemovement above
There is a picture of my father over my bedabove
We can see the tree over the treeabove
We often walk over the fieldsto the other side, acrose
I hurt my knee when I fell overmovement
The child is always running over the floor with muddy feetcovering
I stayed with my aunt over the weekendduring
We are driving at a speed of over a hundred Kmph.more than
I have gained over five pounds this monthmore than
I can do simple math, but that problem is way over my headmore than
She is over there, by the doctorthe other side


Till indicates : a particular time


I waited till 10 o’clockat the end of time
The boys studied till midnightat the end of time


To indicates : destination, movement and direction, time, receiver, idioms

Examples For Preposition "To"

Are you coming to the party in this evening destination of a verb
How are you getting to the Ariport tomorrowdestination of a verb
They ride to school on the busdestination of a verb
Count from one to hundredmovement
The traffic lights changed from red to greendestination
The train is to New Yorkdestination of a noun
The normal working week is from Monday to Fridaytime
Mr.David gave a present to her girl friend Sarahreceiver
He delivers the mail to the officereceiver or transfer

Some verb + to (Preposition)


come toget togo to
bring towalk tomove to
sink torun toreturn to


Up indicates : movement to a higher place, motion towards the sky, next

Examples For Preposition "Up"

He always walks up the steps to the sixth floormovement
Come up hereadverbs of motion
Coming up nextmotion towards
He will be getting up late todaymotion towards
The balloon is upmotion towards the sky
She lives two blocks up the streetlocation further along
Their farm is three miles up the roadlocation further along
She is going to travel up Route 55movement along a way
They swam up the river for exerciseagainst a current of water


With indicates : in the company of, instrument, having

Examples For With

We are going out for dinner. Are you come with us?together
She danced with metogether
She left her children with the babysitterin the same place as
She always drinks her coffee with sugarhaving or adding
The man with gray harihaving
I have an article with pictures for my presentationhaving
She sang with great skillhaving
He hit me with a stickinstrument
I opened it with this keyinstrument
I write with peninstrument


Under indicates : motion, place, control

Examples Of Under

Children under the treesin a lower position
The children hid under the tablecovered by something else
He has three children under age tenless than
She stores all her jewells under the bedcovered by something else
You are under attestcontrol
She is under the care of a doctorcontrol
I paid under TEN Dollars for this cameraless than
This game is only for under 19less than


Down indicates : movement

Examples Of Down

The road runs down into a valleymovement from a higher place
The old man went down the road on footcovered by something else
The intruder broke the door downdestruction

Learning Competency

Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)