• My Vote for Prepositions


Exercise -1

Fill in the Blanks with the Correct Prepositions :

1. She lives London.Answer
2. I was born 1979.Answer
3. He prefers to work a farm.Answer
4. Mr.David and his wife stay the seaside for a monthe each May.Answer
5. They will return sunset.Answer
6. He is the sone an Engineer.Answer
7. His mother died cholera.Answer
8. Would you prefer to work a factory or on a farm.Answer
9. The Prime Minister lives 10 car street.Answer
10. He went to school walk.Answer
11. These stories are interesting children.Answer
12. I write a pen.Answer
13. The mouse ran to the hole.Answer
14. Rosy reaches school 8 o’clock.Answer
15. It is good health.Answer
16. John was looking his friend.Answer
17. She will come Christmas.Answer
18. She will come Christmas day.Answer
19. She will come summer.Answer
20. She is home.Answer
Exercise -2

Supply the correct prepositions in the following sentences :

1. They are holiday.Answer
2. Sarah got married at the age 18.Answer
3. The train was travelling 100 KMPH.Answer
4. Please don’t be late. Try to be here time.Answer
5. What would you like to have your meal.Answer
6. They have to stay inside the storm.Answer
7. I heard a noise the night, but I was too sleepy to get up .Answer
8. The children quarreled themselves.Answer
9. They held the mirror the wall.Answer
10. They went to the mountains Route 44.Answer
11. the time you get up, I'll be in New York.Answer
12. I was told to appear the judge.Answer
13. We have selected you the captain of the team.Answer
14. Please don’t leave me.Answer
15. I need three pieces paper.Answer
16. There are several ways cooking meat.Answer
17. We were travelling Miami.Answer
18. He put his hand my bag.Answer
19. She angry me.Answer
20. She found a purse full money.Answer
Exercise -3

Supply the correct prepositions in the following sentences :

1. The principal congratulated the boy his success.Answer
2. You cross a cheque drawing two lines in it and writing & co like this.Answer
3. He is always getting trouble because of his carelessness.Answer
4. The lawyer accused the prisoner murder.Answer
5. My fiend agreed my plan.Answer
6. His parents seem to agree almost everything with him.Answer
7. Robert and I agree that book .Answer
8. Not many old people approve the ways of the younger people.Answer
9. Both the friends aruged what present to buy.Answer
10. The student leaders argued the postponement of examinations.Answer
11. The teacher insisted our finishing the exercise before we went home.Answer
12. The students jumped the offer of a visit to Nepal.Answer
13. cricket matches everyone is keen to listen to the commentary.Answer
14. We looked him, but he seemed to be thinking of something for away.Answer
15. The city will take a long time to recover the damage done by the earthquake.Answer
16. I have spoken my mother about my possible transfer.Answer
17. He did speak here being a good T.V. programme but we forget all about it.Answer
18. she doesn’t approve the way I do things.Answer
19. Are you aware your shortcomings?.Answer
20. She is not familiar this subject.Answer
Exercise - 4

Fill in the blanks choosing the right phrase prepositions from the list given below. There is an additional phrase :

(in the middle, at the risk of, along with, on account of)
1. Whatever the press may write sachin is only Bradman.Answer
2. Tendulkar rose to the top his commitment and hardwork.Answer
3. Ganguly walked out on the second day.Answer
(in line with, owing to, by dint of, on the part of)
1. Dhoni had to miss one or two matches injury.Answer
2. Ponting he has set up many records.Answer
3. McMillon always performs to be publicity.Answer
(in line with, with a view to , in memory of, owing to, at the back of)
1. his illness, he could not attend the party.Answer
2. getting more marks, he worked hard.Answer
3. He is speaking his lover.Answer

Learning Competency

Skills involved in Note-talking
Listening and writing down the bare essentials of the talk are the two skills involved in Note - talking.