• My Vote For Phrasal Verbs


Replace the highlighted word in the sentence with one of the phrasal verbs given below to convey the same meaning.
1. You will suffer if you drink.
a) break off
b) break down
c) break up
d) break away
2. He is inviting trouble if he quarrel with the house owner.
a) ask for
b) ask after
c) ask against
d) ask on
3. She is depending on the bank loan for her higher study.
a) banking on
b) banking away
c) bankin off
d) banking up
4. I was surprised when I won the lottery.
a) taken of
b) taken away
c) taken on
d) taken aback
5. Please tolerate the pain.
a) bear up
b) bear down
c) bear off
d) bear out
6. Modern researches prove that yoga cures diseases.
a) bear up
b) bear off
c) bear out
d) bear down
7. A few undertrials escaped from prison last night.
a) break up
b) broke up
c) break down
d) broke away
8. Our parents have raised us to be good citizens
a) brought out
b) brought up
c) brought by
d) brought down
9. Many people pray to god for help rather than to thank him.
a) call at
b) call upon
c) call about
d) call on
10. We must obey his orders.
a) carry on
b) carry off
c) carry out
d) carry down

Learning Competency

Defining relative clause
When a clause defines the noun it qualifies it is known as a defining relative clause.