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1. Using the American words in sentences
1. He got (angry) to know his son’s poor grades.Answer
2. The African Chieftain was pleased with the (biscuit). Answer
3. His car broke down at an (cross roads) Answer
4. She gave a five dollar (currency note) to the waiter as tips.Answer
5. A (cyclist) was knocked down by a speeding lorry.Answer
6. The little girl stood before the (dressing table) for half an hour.Answer
7. Many (flat) are coming up now in village.Answer
8. A (full stop) should be marked ater the end of every sentence.Answer
9. People in town prefer to live in the (ground floor) for the sake convenience.Answer
10. As the (lift) did not work I had to climb three floors.Answer
11. Many (hoarding) crashed during the recent cyclones.Answer
12. (petrol) is cheap in USAAnswer
13. The (postman) brought a speed post from Nancy.Answer
14. (public) schools give quality education.Answer
15. I am fund of (sweets). Answer
16. Take a cab (taxi) if you get delayed.Answer
17. He drank three (tins) of beer.Answer
18. The (policeman) who stands near the subway is very strict.Answer
19. Walk on the (road surface) to avoid accidents. Answer
20. During nights I used to carry a (torch).Answer

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