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Exercise -1

Fill in the blanks with suitable articles :

1. Italy is European country.Answer
2. Please pass wine.Answer
3. They grumbled little about having to wait.Answer
4.He bought ice-cream.Answer
5. I fist met him year ago.Answer
6. I went to hospital to see my friend.Answer
7. His uncle is M.L.A.Answer
8.He is honour to his profession.Answer
9. The court imposed heavy penalty.Answer
10. January is first month of the year.Answer
11. Few pupils gave right answer.Answer
12. There is hourly bus service on this route.Answer
13. The proposal was accepted by unanimous vote.Answer
14. Singapore is island.Answer
15. honest man is the noblest work of God.Answer
16. apple a day keeps the doctor away.Answer
17. honorary secretary is one who is not paid for his services.Answer
18. Iron is useful metal.Answer
19. English is language of the people of England.Answer
Exercise -2

Fill in the blank space with a or an as may be suitable :

1. He looks as stupid as owl.Answer
2. I bought horse an ox, and a buffalo.Answer
3. I first met him year ago.Answer
4. He returned after hour.Answer
5. Charles American.Answer

Fill in the blank with correct articles

Rome was very rich country. Androcles was honest slave in Rome. His master was not kindman. So he wanted to run away with other slaves. Answers

Learning Competency

Examples of Clipping
1.Bike (motor-bike)
2.Specs (spectacles)
3.Fax (fascimile)