Adjectives of Quality Exercise

Fill each blank with adjectives of quality in the following sentences :

(good, ripe, fine, sweet, small, big, bright, red)

1. The girl has a voice.Answer
2. Akbar is a batsman.Answer
3. That is a houseAnswer
4. I like roses.Answer
5. It is a day.Answer
6. You may eat mangoes.Answer
7. Owis eat rats and birds.Answer
8. The milk is not .Answer
Adjectives of Quantity Exercise

Fill up the blanks with suitable adjectives of quantity in the following sentences :

1. Step back paces.Answer
2. I have told you this times already.Answer
3. I speak these words to all men.Answer
4. He is years of age.Answer
5. He has money in his purse.Answer
Adjectives Exercise on Story

Write out the story, putting one of the adjectives from the list in each blank :

(long, delightful, high, sour, ripe, warm, hungry)

It was a day. A fox had just entered a garden. Among the many things in the garden was a vine laden with bunches of grapes. One of them was a bunch which hung invitingly over the fox’s head. The very sight of it made the fox feel . He leapt up at the grapes several times. But they were too for him to reach. After a time he decided to give up trying. He went away declaring that the grapes were . This is the orign of the expression ‘sour grapes’.

Learning Competency

The verb shows time by changing its form. These forms are called tenses.