Definition Of Demonstrative Adjective:
This Adjective straight=away points out the person or thing concerned

The four words this, that, these and those are called demonstratives. When they are followed by some other word (especially a noun) in a noun phrase, they are demonstrative determiners. We use this and these to point to people or things near us. You use that and those to point to people or things that are farther from us.


They are used to tell which thing or person you mean.

Examples Of Demonstrative Adjective

I am ready to buy this house
I want to look at that house
These are the times that try men’s souls
That boy is intelligent
Those cows are white

Learning Competency

What are phrasal verbs?
Phrasal verbs are verbs that consist of two or three words. The first word is a verb and it is followed by an adverb or a prepositions or both.